[time-nuts] Electrolytic Capacitor Question

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Mon Nov 10 20:51:35 EST 2014

Hi Perry:

(shameless plug)  Have you measured the tantalum caps?
I sell a combined ESR & Capacity meter that does in circuit tests on powered down circuits.

For an example of it's use on a Heathkit GC-1000 WWV clock see:
http://www.prc68.com/I/HeathkitGC1000.shtml#Rx and scroll down for more boards.

Notice that sometimes the  ESR is high and other times the capacitance is low for the bad caps.
The tantalum caps were OK, but almost all the electrolytic caps were bad.

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Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
Perry Sandeen via time-nuts wrote:
> List,
> OK everybody, let’s not get our pacemakers wound up<G>
> The problem. (Long Intro)
> I have about 15 pieces or so of older HP test equipment.
> 3586B, 5370B, 5335A to name a few.  Because of their age of 20+ years a few have failed and need repair. I
> have decided to go on a wholesale electrolytic capacitor replacement on all of
> them. (Mouser will be able to declare an extra dividend)
> For all the *standard* types I’ve chosen mostly Panasonic
> 105C 10,000 hour caps. So far, so good.
> Now I come to the issue of the wet-slug tantalums that were
> used.  At the time of manufacture, these
> were the best and most expensive low voltage electrolytics available.
> The question is: can one replace the tantalums with the high
> grade (105C) Panasonic or Nichicon capacitors with an equal or higher
> capacitance value?
> Even using the *tear drop* new replacements one is looking
> at very heavy $$$.
> Regards,
> Perrier
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