[time-nuts] Quad Driven Mixer 5 to 10 MHz Doubler Atricle

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Wed Nov 12 16:36:00 EST 2014

It's interesting. I took the hint, and tried sin(a)*sin(b) expand and set
b=a+pi/2. fun fun fun.
All that's needed in theory is a mixer and a pi/2 phase shifter at 5 MHz.
Probably a bunch of other stuff because of real parts :-) Minicircuits will
sell you one, packaged, for about 50 rasbucknicks.

Dave M
> I am able to download the files associated with the article, but not the
> article itself.  Guess I need to be a paying member to get the article.  The
> only files in the download are the XLS file for calculating the filter
> values, and the parts list.
> It's at http://www.arrl.org/qexfiles in the year 2011 listings, filename
> 3x11_Roos.zip
> titled "Converting a Vintage 5 MHz Frequency Standard to 10 MHz with a Low
> Spurious Frequency Doubler"
> Dave M
> John C. Roos via time-nuts wrote:
>> Several list members contacted me expressing interest in the
>> article. None of them were able to download much or anything
>> from the ARRL QEX web site. That includes me and other ARRL members.
>> I am working the issue with one call to ARRL so far today. I will
>> contact Larry Wolfgang at ARRL and see what Ican bust loose. So
>> hang in there. It is a cute technique, not originated by me, but
>> useful. Right now I have to get the ARRL FMT done first.
>> -73 john c roos k6iql
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