[time-nuts] Electrolytic Capacitor Redux

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 17:53:34 EST 2014

Thanks to all for their comments.
Wrote: The high grade aluminum electrolytics and the
tantalums will look quite different on a network analyzer as you sweep them
from 100 KHz up.
OK. Since these of just being used for DC PS bypassing on
individual boards I think I’ll be OK with the Panasonic electrolytics.
Wrote: Take a look at the Aluminum Organic Polymer
Electrolytics. Available in 105 °C and 125 °C. They have very low ESRs. In the
Yowza! Excellent specs but they cost more than tantalums
Wrote: bought Vishay/Sprague caps.
I looked at what Mouser stocked but they don’t match the
capacitance values I need.
My goal when it comes to huge uF caps HP uses in their PS’s
is to find a kind of common(s) denominator so I can get the +10 prices. So some
of my equipment my get a higher capacity and/or voltage than the OEM version.
One thing I’m not going to do is use the OEM screw terminal
caps because of their price. Instead I’m going to use the snap-in style and
mount them using #16 solid copper wire.
I checked the HP 3586 PS schematic and the are specing 40
micro-volts ripple before the regulators. Tight!

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