[time-nuts] Quad Driven Mixer 5 to 10 MHz Doubler Atricle

johncroos at aol.com johncroos at aol.com
Wed Nov 12 21:21:06 EST 2014

 I mentioned my article because it is a useful technique. The major virtues are
that it is analog, thus possibly a lot less noise than an XOR, it is easy, and the 
fundamental and all of the odd harmonics are well suppressed. 

I make no claim that it is better or cheaper, or is a prettier color than some other
techniques. So what! The snarky comments about this or that other method are fine but
really do discourage someone from submitting to this list. You see I do not really care
to design the cheapest, or ugliest, or marginal? gizmos. Rather I do that which interests me and? I can buy/do pretty well what I please. 
If I? think someone may find it of interest I will publish it. After you have prepared a
50 page draft with a couple of dozen photos, graphs, and reams of test data and
then get it published, you may gain my respect. But the one line "I prefer the 
Black Phantom Doubler from the Mythical Device Corp, because it only cost 78 cents
is not contributory to the advancement of anything.

Best regards and lets be nice now.

-73 john roos k6iql


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