[time-nuts] Quad Driven Mixer 5 to 10 MHz Doubler Article

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Thu Nov 13 04:15:23 EST 2014

We are using Wenzel with two filters see attached if it will pass. 20 Mhz  
is down more than 60 db and 5 MHz 55.  Distribution Amp takes care of the  
Bert Kehren

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dgminala at mediacombb.net writes:

Just a few days  ago, I ordered parts to build a couple of the Wenzel 
doublers,  described in the same article as your full-wave diode doubler, 
just in  time to discover them on Ebay (via slow boat from China), item#  
171511157159.  I inspected the components and layout in the picture  in the 
listing, and it certainly looks like the Wenzel FWB doubler.   At $9.99 
the price is cheap enough, especially since you get SMA  connectors on both 
ends.  Might have to do a bit of solder work on  the SMA connectors if you 
want to put it into a little box.
The listing  on the doubler on Ebay says that the low end is 10MHz, but 
bet that  it  will get down to 5MHz quite easily  If there's any trouble  
handling a 5MHz input, you could easily use a lower frequency ferrite for  
the balun and make it work.
As  you suggest, a BPF on the output  and maybe a bit of amplification to 
the level up to a usable level  should get you a fairly clean 10 MHz.

Dave  M

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