[time-nuts] Efratom/Datum Starloc II

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Thu Nov 13 05:05:06 EST 2014

Hi Paul,
I haven't used the Starloc II, so can't offer any direct help/advice,  but 
I did find manuals for the Starloc II and Starloc II plus when  searching 
for Starloc-Lite data a few years ago.
As always I hoarded what I found, which makes this your lucky day  rather 
than mine as I never did find a Starloc-Lite manual:-)
Aside from proving the Motorola GPS modules were ok stand alone I never got 
 any response out of the Lites whatsoever, these are PCB based units  
presumably for OEM use, and put them aside for the later that never comes.
I'm intrigued though that TBoltMon will talk to the Starloc II as  I'm 
pretty sure this also uses a Motorola GPS module, perhaps a UTplus, so  I 
wouldn't have expected it to be all that close to a Tbolt.
However, from just looking at the manuals the Datum Timekeeper  firmware 
interface seems to be based on the Trimble TSIP protocol, or vice  versa:-), 
so this might explain it.
Manuals attached, good luck, any problems with the files let me know  and 
I'll try again.
NB, manual sent direct but at 1.3MB zipped file is too big for the  list, 
can upload to Didier's site if anyone else would like a  copy.

In a message dated 13/11/2014 02:00:02 GMT Standard Time,  
ziggy9+time-nuts at pumpkinbrook.com writes:

I'm  dusting off one of my GPSDO here, and find that I do not have the 
manual or  the software for this Efratom/Datum Starloc II. With the  
Datum/Efratom/Symmetricom/Microsemi transitions (I may have missed one or  two...) I 
don't know if any info is even still available from Microsemi.   Little is to 
be found elsewhere on the web. This unit was mentioned once or  twice in the 
past on the list, but doesn't seem to have been too  popular.

Thing is, it appears to be a Thunderbolt clone (more or less)  as TBoltMon 
will talk to it. Lady Heather on the other hand, will crash   or hang and 
makes the Starloc hang too. It quits sending packets and refuses  to respond 
to further input, requiring a power cycle. I havent traced which  packet is 
killing it yet though (using 3.12 version).

Does anyone have  any docs, software, or other info? I would much 
appreciate it.  Thanks!

Paul -  K9MR
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