[time-nuts] Lucent Unit Differences

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 14:55:19 EST 2014

Wrote [Snip] The chain in the Z3810 / 3811 / 3812 Lucent
boxes is *much* different than the setup in the earlier parts. The phase noise
and ADEV on the Z3810’s is better than what you got on the earlier versions.
That’s good to know. I only have the older style units. It
will be interesting see how well the older units can be *tweeked*.
[Snip] The 15 MHz buffer appears to be quiet and puts out a
lot of power. 
Power yes, but the waveform is highly distorted.
[Snip] Using it for 10 MHz would give you a *lot* of 10 MHz
signal to play with. IF the mods are simple it’s an attractive solution. If it
involves swapping out 30 parts -
That is the idea.  Hack (in my case) the 10 MHz from the oscillator into the 15 MHz
circuit.  There are two i5 MHz filters to
be bypassed or replaced.
The Modifying The Lucent Rubidium article uses just two
resistors to reduce overdriving and a surplus ethernet 10 MHz to reduce spurs.
I don’t know how applicable it would be to the newer boxes
but putting a load resistor on the output and using a scope should give one a
good idea if a mod is needed.

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