[time-nuts] strange carrier

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Nov 14 20:21:57 EST 2014

I'm pretty sure that there is nothing the in the neighbor's satellite
receiver that is allowed to interfere with licensed services, such as
WWVB.  More usually, they contain a label, that says they must not cause
any interference, and must suffer all interference.

Reduce your loop to something like an old AM radio's loopstick
with the appropriate resonating capacitor, and hunt out the
60KHz signal with a little more precision.   The FCC is usually
quite good at helping out if you do all the leg work for them.

-Chuck Harris

Doug Ronald wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded with suggestions and comments. Here is the latest...
> At great effort, I moved the loop-stick antenna and preamp, now mounted on a pole,
> from the rear of the house to a midpoint of the house toward the front. The old
> position had the antenna about 10 feet off the ground. The new position now allows
> me to rotate the antenna, and it is 21 feet off the ground. Just my luck, that
> could hardly have been a worse move. Now the offending carrier is much, much
> stronger, and completely swamps poor little WWVB. Also, the offending illegal
> transmitter does not null with rotation of the loop-stick antenna as WWVB does.
> This to me means the generator is local to the antenna. My neighbor has a DishTV
> antenna and down-converter across the way from my WWVB antenna which stood a good
> chance of having a SMPS in it. I leaned my antenna and pole over the fence toward
> the dish, and the carrier immediately saturated my preamp. So, the next move is
> get my WWVB antenna and preamp centered on my lot, as far from illegal
> transmitters I can't control as possible. The analog multipliers for my Costas
> loop arrived today, so I'm super-anxious to get a decent signal... -Doug, W6DSR

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