[time-nuts] KS-24361 "NO GPS"

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Sun Nov 16 15:40:55 EST 2014


On all my box pairs, the “NO GPS” lights all go out on all boxes once everything is “GOOD” as you define it.  A properly operating pair will have a STBY light (and only that light) on one box. The other box will have only the ON light lit.

Based on what I’ve seen. I’d suspect the cable between the two units as the source of (almost) any problem before I’d dig into the rest of the system. 


> On Nov 16, 2014, at 3:29 PM, Pete Lancashire <pete at petelancashire.com> wrote:
> Like to confirm
> It has been said ...
>> When you apply power, all the LEDs on the front panel will flash.  The
>> "NO GPS" light will continue flashing until you connect a GPS antenna.
>> Once it sees a satellite, the light will stop flashing and remain on.
>> The unit will conduct a self-survey for several hours.  Eventually, if
>> all is well, the Z3812A ("REF 0" on its front panel) will show one
>> green "ON" light and the Z3811A ("REF 1") will show one yellow "STBY"
>> light.  This means that the Z3812A is actually transmitting its 15MHz
>> output, and the other one is silently waiting to take over if it
>> fails.
> Is this correct about the "NO GPS" LED ?
> Once the survey is over, and the GPS is considered to be "GOOD", should
> the yellow NO GPS LED be lit ?
> For me after being on for a while the LED for me are
> REF 1
>   NO GPS  ON solid  - this is the one I'm asking about
>   Fault       OFF
>   STBY      ON
>   ON          OFF
> REF 0
>    NO GPS ON
>    FAULT    OFF
>    STBY      OFF
>    ON          ON
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