[time-nuts] Ebay KS-24361 may be gone. I emailed ASI to confirm.

Tom Van Baak (lab) tvb at leapsecond.com
Mon Nov 17 14:52:30 EST 2014

> If you manipulate the "buy number" he as 19 left.

If you "manipulate" the number all you "know" is that there are 19 left in the current eBay lot.

If you talk to the seller you'll find he has hundred(s) and perhaps the eBay stock quantity is updated as needed.

To test this, please record the "buy number" each day for the next month. If you see a nice sawtooth then my theory is correct. If you then apply a sawtooth correction to your raw data, you'll get a clean, smooth record of total units and units/day sold. Meta time & frequency...


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