[time-nuts] z3816 what happened?

W4wj at aol.com W4wj at aol.com
Tue Nov 18 15:17:24 EST 2014

Hi Paul...
No...  As a matter of fact, it stoped working down if  Florida a few
years back.  Went into the ALARM mode and that was  it!!  Had
a HP Rb box, so didn't worry about it too much.
Moved to Texas a few years ago...  Rb box on the shelf,  so decided
to fire the 3816A up and see what would happen.  It had  been on the
shelf for several years...
So it came up and locked and we were good to go!!  But,  after a
few weeks and the first practice FMT, the 3816A went back into  alarm.
Had not been able to get the K8CU software going to talk to  the 3816A
so don't know what the alarm is about.
Have tried to recycle it again, but it comes up in the alarm  mode and
that is where it sits.  Using it with the HP mushroom  antenna.
That's my story, and no one seems to be working on these  guys...  ;-(
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Wonder  if the ole lightning gods visited since you are in 4  land.
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