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this would be a good question for time-nuts (CCd here).
I don't know what slope your particular oscillator has, but if it is  
negative then years ago someone posted schematics on how to invert the slope and  
how to offset the EFC voltage and change the range etc using an Opamp..
That should be in the archives. Otherwise such circuits are pretty readily  
available in the application notes of TI, LT, National, etc etc.
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bill.riches at verizon.net writes:

I  guess my idea of controlling a 10811 with the LTE-Lite is dead as its 
EFC has  a negative slope.  Any ideas? 

On  the 10811, that OCXO can typically be mechanically tuned to have a 1.5V 
 nominal EFC set voltage. The LTE-Lite can drive from 0V to 3.0V EFC, so 
that  should be more than required on a good (well aged and good thermal 
stability)  10811. We have not tried driving a 10811 with it yet though, so can't 
say for  sure. One requirement is that the OCXO has a positive EFC  slope.


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_bill.riches at verizon.net_ (mailto:bill.riches at verizon.net)   writes:


Patiently  waiting for my 10 mhz unit.  What are your ideas on using it  to
control a 10811 instead of the built in 10 mhz osc?  Will there  be enough
control voltage for the  10811?

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