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Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Wed Nov 19 20:14:05 EST 2014

I think those devices were in the same databook that had a page in the back 
of the book, containing only the text

"This page is as blank as a salesman's memory"

The person who did the final editing on that issue had a rare sense of 

Dave M

Dave Daniel wrote:
> I remember the "Fast and Damn Fast Buffer Amp" data sheet. LH0036? I
> may not be remembering the correct part number.  I used to have a copy of
> that data sheet, as well as another that was labeled "DC to Daylight"
> on the data sheet.
> DaveD
> On 11/19/2014 2:42 PM, Mike Feher wrote:
>> Hi Doug -
>> Wow. Wonder how many on here remember or know about National's "Damn
>> Fast" line, HI. I used them all the time, and, still have a few. 73
>> - Mike  Mike B. Feher, EOZ Inc.
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