[time-nuts] 5 to 10 MHz Quad Driven Mixer doubler article

johncroos johncroos at aol.com
Wed Nov 19 21:44:33 EST 2014

Apparently there is some interest in this technique.
So far I have 35 requests and still counting.
Please if you do want a copy send me an email
OFF LIST to johncroos at aol.com. Requests posted on
list are too hard to find and too hard to make
into a master address list.

In addition to the basic article I will add
some related material.

And as they say on TV "thats not all". One QEX reader
asked how it compares with the classic push-push doubler.
I prepared a brief paper on the push-push doubler and
will include it as well. They are both useful depending
upon the host application. For one thing the push-push circuit
can give healthy power gain and power output up to a Watt or

I plan to fire off the package on Sunday. 
Best regards to all - john c roos k6iql

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