[time-nuts] 10MHz LTE-Lite

John Miles john at miles.io
Thu Nov 20 18:28:37 EST 2014

> Hi Said,
> do you have any information about how that "TimePod 5330A works" any
> principal description?
> 73
> Alex

Here's the manual:

These days, it's manufactured and sold by Microsemi as the 3120A Phase Noise Test Probe.  Microsemi recently acquired the Symmetricom time and frequency IP going all the way back to the HP and Datum eras.  They actually lowered some prices on various Symmetricom products after the acquisition, including the 3120A, so it's worth checking with them for a current quote if you were turned off by Symmetricom's initial pricing.

Disclaimer: I no longer sell them directly and have no related financial interests.  They're still cool boxes, though, and everybody needs at least one. :)  Currently, http://www.miles.io redirects to the 3120A product page as a courtesy to its new owners.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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