[time-nuts] 10MHz LTE-Lite

david zinc65 at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 22 07:01:33 EST 2014

Said and List,

My 20Meg Lite arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful beast, and well made. It
was also well packaged, which was no bad thing because the box bore all the
signs of having been run over by the truck. A few times.
But it is working nicely (I think) and I'm looking forward to experimenting
with it.

The only down side was that the Mail made me collect it from my local
office, charged me an additional $50 at today's conversion rate to import
the board.


David GM8XBZ

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Hello everyone,
after what must have been the longest thread in T-nuts history its  almost
all quiet today.


Also, after being in time nuts hands for almost a week I am surprised there
are very few mails, questions, or comments about the 20MHz boards,  and we
have received almost no feedback on Ebay :( I hope that is a good  sign.

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