[time-nuts] rs-422 rs-232 to fast ethernet converter

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Sat Nov 22 17:47:15 EST 2014

I have been contemplating how I will would like to interface to the 
KS-23461 devices using rs-422.

One option is a rs-422 to USB cable. Seems easy enough.

But another option I keep stumbling across is a rs-422/rs-232 to fast 
ethernet such as:


Frankly, I have no first hand knowledge or experience with these 
devices. First glance suggests that it might just be what I want - easy 
access to the KS-23461 ports through a connection to my local network 
without having a PC of some sort close by.

So, any first hand experience with such devices? Good idea or bad?

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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