[time-nuts] Practical considerations making a lab standard with an LTE lite

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Well the answer is obvious:)  

You simply need to turn on the air-conditioning full blast for more months of the summer in … ummm ….. errrr …. Denmark … hmmm…..

Heat only or cool only systems seem to be more practical when the heat sink is a flowing body of water or an ocean. Unfortunately those seem to also run up the price of adjacent real estate. 

Moving bodies of water also aren’t very good for stabilizing temperature on a frequency source. The same thing is true of a hole in the ground that goes above or below the level of ground water over the course of the year. If you drill a hole, there is indeed a wrong depth to pick. It might be interesting to see how deep you need to go for stable ground water temps. Around here the top layer of ground water was rain last week or last month.


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> , "Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd)" writes:
>>> Geothermal means you drill at least 50m (Iceland) or more likely
>>> half a kilometer down, in order to harvest water at near boiling
>>> point from the Earths geological heat-sources (mostly uranium decay).
>> Sorry.  What he installs is pipes in the ground in residential or
>> industrial sites. Basically he says they work initially,  but performance
>> drops dramatically over a couple of years.
> That is not "geothermal" then, and yes, a LOT of those systems are
> badly underdimensioned.
> I've been researching this topic intensively because my new house
> will be heated that way.
> My conclusion, based on reading a lot of reports, is that there
> is no credible way to predict the performance.  The wetter your
> soil the better, but that's about it.
> I'm going to overprovision by a factor two to be on the safe side,
> afterall it only costs EUR7 for each extra meter of pipe.
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