[time-nuts] For Sale New JLT LTE-Lite 20MHz UK Only

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Tue Nov 25 16:13:55 EST 2014

Having dived in with great enthusiasm as soon as the LTE-Lite was made  
available I've had it on test for a couple of days now and have not been  
disappointed, I'm very impressed.
However, given the number of existing GPS and other off air systems  and 
projects already running here I have to admit I might have been a bit over  
enthusiastic and I don't really have any immediate need for  another one.
Rather than park it on the shelf in its box for the time being, or  leaving 
it just running in the background, I'd be happy to pass it on for  what I 
paid for it to someone else in the UK who can make more immediate use of  it.
I'm not looking to make any profit on the transaction but I'm not  looking 
to make a loss either, if that was the only option then I'd just keep it  
until I did find more use for it.
With carriage and UK import taxes it cost me just over 165 GBP and I'd be  
willing to sell it for 175 GBP with the extra to cover tracked and insured 
next  day delivery, or for 165 GBP to anyone able to collect from the west  
coast of Scotland.
Although not actually saving anything significant on the cost the purchaser 
 would be guaranteed fast delivery of a unit that's just come off test and 
is  available now, and please note I would only want to ship this to the  UK.
The kit is totally as new and as in the original packaging as supplied,  
with the module itself, the antenna, two straight MMCX to BNC adapter cables,  
USB power adapter and USB lead, plus the instruction leaflet with optional 
14pin  DIL socket and 3 pin header still attached inside a small plastic bag.
If any is interested please reply directly and not via the list, I'm back  
to just receiving daily digests due to ongoing problems with "live" list  
traffic sent to AOL so won't see replies to the list for some time, and I  
will be working on a first come first served basis.

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