[time-nuts] SR620 - "register as being warmed up" ????

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 03:27:09 EST 2014

I am hoping to buy a SR620 from a seller who is not familiar with the
instrument,  but who

1) Has knowledge of electronic test equipment in general.

2) Is willing to test the SR620 before an international shipment.

This puts me in a somewhat better position than typicall eBay sale with
comments such as

a) "Comes from a working environment" or

b) "Plugged it in and it lights up".

I gave the seller a link to the manual and asked him to

1) run the autocal procedure described on page 18 of the manual (page 33 of
the PDF)

2) Do at least the front panel tests on page 61 (page 77 of the PDF), plus
any other he could do - it is unreasonble to expect him to do them.

He wrote back and said

"I tried to run that test, but the unit never registered itself as being
warmed up. I waited about two hours with the calibration switch
in both positions. Do you know anything about these?"

I am a bit confused by his comment. Can anyone understand what he may mean,
or suggest how one might verify  the instrument can be tested? As far as I
can see from the manual,  there's no indication when the oven is warm.  The
instrument has the high stability timebase option.


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