[time-nuts] CentOS 7, Motorola GPS receiver and NTP

xaos xaos at darksmile.net
Wed Nov 26 11:49:59 EST 2014

Hello everyone.

Currently my Stratum 1 NTP server is made up of the following:

Pentium 4 Motherboard, Single core, 1.4GHz., 1GB memory
Slackware Linux, 11.0.0
PPSkit-2.1.7 Kernel
uname -a:
Linux timelord #1 Fri Nov 12 21:28:51 EST 2010 i686
pentium4 i386 GNU/Linux

Motorola, GPS Receiver Version: 3, Revision: 1, Software Date: 1A30,
Model: R5222U1114/[UT], Serial: R0AZSU

As far as I know the PPSKit was never released for the
later kernels and this machine is showing it's age.
I want to get a new box and run CentOS 7 on it.

Question: How do I setup NTP with a 1 PPS from serial port
and the Motorola receiver hooked up?

I hope that some here have done this already and
I wont have to start from scratch.

I was thinking about the Atom driver?
How do I tell the driver to use the data from the serial port?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

George, N2FGX

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