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Didier Juges shalimr9 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 14:03:03 EST 2014

Another reason is reproducibility. If you or someone else wants to reproduce your design, using a well defined and available commercial part makes it much easier to achieve the same performance, particularly for RF components.

Didier KO4BB

On November 27, 2014 12:41:34 PM CST, "Richard (Rick) Karlquist" <richard at karlquist.com> wrote:
>On 11/27/2014 7:07 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:
>> For a hobbyist doing things a few at a time, what advantage is there
>> buying RF transformers made by Mini-circuits etc., vs winding them
>> commonly available ferrite cores/binocular cores?
>> If I needed to do a production run of 1000+ boards with tiny SMT
>> transformers, sure, no problem buying them from mini-circuits or a
>> distributor etc. But for hobbyist stuff seems far more flexible to
>> them onesy-twosy using not so tiny cores and windings selected for
>> particular application.
>> Tim N3QE
>You need the tiny cores to get the performance of the MiniCircuits
>transformers.  You just can't get the same bandwidth using macro sized
>"binocular" cores.  Now, if you don't need a lot of bandwidth, then
>what you are saying could make sense.  Another issue is stray 
>capacitance.  Considerably lower with a tiny core.
>I have spent many hours characterizing MiniCircuits transformers
>beyond the data sheet specs, and dissecting them to learn how they
>do it.  They really do have a lot of rocket science in them.  In
>terms of the engineering I am buying (especially in a one-off 
>application) they are ridiculously cheap.  And I say that as a fairly 
>knowledgeable transformer designer in my own right.
>I do keep binocular cores around for higher power transformers, and
>for "emergencies" when I need a transformer "yesterday".
>Rick Karlquist N6RK
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