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Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Fri Nov 28 13:43:55 EST 2014

Hi Dave,

Speaking only for myself, most of the fun is in the reinventing of the wheel.  I have no real use for a frequency standard, but designing and building my GPSDO has been very rewarding.  Eventually I hope to be able to share it with someone besides Dan, who has been a big help on the hardware side.  A lot of the fun has been in comparing the results to my 10811 and my new KS-24361.  Then there's the thermal stability question and on and on.  
As to distribution amps, I have to defer to the engineers on the group.  I believe Bob Camp has posted about the need to compare what the end use is going to be vs the quality of what we're feeding to the DA.  Those who need a high quality DA will mostly likely buy one.  Those like me will likely try to measure what we have and see if we can improve it somehow.  Otherwise, I'm spending my retirement watching TV.  Where's the fun in that?  =)
Hopefully this forum has room for professionals, amateurs, and dilettantes like me.

Bob - AE6RV

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Bill, there are lots of us here that are well aware of the TAPR products, 
and recognize their merits.  There are also lots of us here that like to 
roll our own (me included). Many of us aren't engineers or engineering 
students, but we still like to participate in the technology.
A little help, in the form of a schematic or a detailed construction 
project, is always welcome, even if there is an available product for sale. 
Not reinventing the wheel, just that some of us like to do the mounting and 
balancing ourselves.

Dave M

billriches wrote:
> Any of the group using the TADD-1 from TAPR.  Perhaps that unit along
> with double shielded cables would work for most folks.  Looking at
> the past threads are we trying to reinvent the wheel for a
> distribution solution?
> 73,
> Bill, WA2DVU
> Cape May

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