[time-nuts] LTE-Lite and - S14WI 1x4 GPS splitter

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
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I suggest that you use a DVM to see which ports are getting power.  Better yet would be to disconnect everything and use an ohm-meter to see which ports are electrically connected.  If you can't satisfy yourself that you know what's what, then contact GPS Source.  They are very good people to deal with.  I've got an MS-14 that had two powered ports plus the powered antenna port, plus it can be internally powered.  I asked them about it, and they gave me instructions on how to de-power one of the ports.  It was just a matter of removing a 000 shunt resistor and adding a 200 ohm load resistor.
The way I read the product description is that the "pick and choose" likely means it has the same type of construction that mine does.  A 000 resistor bypasses a blocking cap for power transfer ports, and you have to add a 200 ohm 1W (ex: CRCW2512200RJNEG) if you depower a port.  But, contact them.  They'll fix you right up.
By the way, if your ports are labeled, PDC = powered DC and BDC = blocked DC.

Bob - AE6RV
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I have a S14WI GPS antenna splitter w. Opt : 
Amplified + DC Bias Select + Ant Current monitor

It's connected to a Maxrad 40dB "ice cone timing antenna"

DS for the spliter here

Currently i have this connected : 
Port1 : Tbolt
Port2 : Z3810A
Port3 : Reserved KS Lucent (Waiting for TNC->BNC adapter)
Port4 : Reserved for LTE-Lite (hope to connect today)

Port3/4 have a 50ohm (BNC ethernet terminator) on right now 

As i read the DS , the splitter currently used the antenna power from 
Port1, to power the antenna, and Port2 is terminated w. 200ohm.

I'm a bit unsure about the DS , but as i read it it will isolate Port4 
from the antenna DC , as it draws power from Port1 (Tbolt)

The LTE-Lite is 3v3 , and wouldn't like to get 5v on it's antenna.

If anyone could have a quick glance , and verify my assumptions i'd be 

CFO -Denmark

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