[time-nuts] WTT New Lucent GPSDO set

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 29 21:08:18 EST 2014

My  two new OEM Lucent sets arrived today. As I suspected from reading the previous posts, they are a total kettle of fish different from the older *yellow finned* series.
Because I already have five of the *yellow finned* units I want to keep all my Lucent units the same style.
I'm willing to trade on an even basis for the *yellow finned* style.  If possible. I'd rather have more of the GPS boxes than the crystal XO boxes, but XO boxes aren't a deal breaker.
I do however, want working *yellow finned* GPS boxes for my new style GPS boxes. I'll split the sets if necessary but I'd rather do a pair bases as the new sets can be enabled to *talk* together.
My units came in OEM packed factory sealed boxes that Symetricon had made in Korea.
If interested, please contact me off line at sandeenpaXatXyahoodotcom

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