[time-nuts] [hp_agilent_equipment] Re: Upgrade an HP 5342A microwave frequency counter to have an oven oscillator.

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Sun Nov 30 04:28:21 EST 2014

On 30 Nov 2014 05:55, "Orin Eman orin.eman at gmail.com
[hp_agilent_equipment]" <hp_agilent_equipment at yahoogroups.com> wrote:

> Weren't you looking at the LTE Lite?  It should do fine as long as you
can get the antenna well situated (not necessarily outdoors, some of us get
along with having it in an upper floor room).  I have one on order.  It
will be interesting to compare it with the Thunderbolt.
> Orin.

No I didn't, since I don't have an LTE Lite.

I will get some sort of GPDSO, but are torn between buying one of these
four, which I ordered in price. All 4 have their advantages and

1) LUCENT/SYMMETRICOM Z3810AS, KS24361 L101/L102 $150

2) LTE Lite. $185.

3) HP Z3801A has been upgraded by the Chinese seller to a 58503A. $500

4) An original HP 58503A. $700.

BTW, I see what you mean about the postage charge from yixunhk. The Z3801A
upgraded to an 58503A is free postage,  but for the 58503A one has to
contact the seller.


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