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Sun Nov 30 11:31:36 EST 2014


I suspect the key to your issues are the FPGA error codes. It’s likely that a lot of the “work” is done in the FPGA. If it is not setting up properly, you will get all sorts of problems.


1) Unplug the memory chips and plug them back in. Sockets can have issues …

2) Look for tin whiskers around the FPGA pins. Sometimes a good scrub with a toothbrush is quicker than looking. 

3) There has to be a clock signal into the FPGA. It may be the 5 /10 /15 MHz, it may be something else. Run around the “good” unit with a scope and then do the same on the bad one. 

If the box is still inside the 30 day warranty - send it back. Even if it isn’t, contact the seller.


> On Nov 30, 2014, at 10:50 AM, Götz Romahn <goetz at g-romahn.de> wrote:
> hello Tom,
> thank you for your kind response.
> All voltage levels are fine and I have 5MHz as well as 15MHz on the
> board. DC levels at transistors I testet were not suspicious.
> I have no idea where how the 10MHz is generated. I do not see any
> doubler active but see a tripler at 15MHz.
> May be the community can explain my error listings especially the
> "OSC_DEL, error code: 01H". OCXO has good output and heater seems to be
> ok as well as EFC.
> cheers Götz
> Am 30.11.2014 05:59, :
>> Hello Götz,
>> I think I saw the 10 MHz on several points. At least one of the nearby
>> transistors also showed some signal. I have another project on the bench
>> right now but when it is done, I'll throw the ref-1 back on the bench
>> and make some notes. Do you have the 15 MHz and is the 5 MHz oscillator
>> running? How about the supply voltages? They are marked and have test
>> points. Also, you could make some DC measurements on the two transistors
>> as they are standard SMT devices.
>> Sure wish someone would shake a schematic out of the woods.
>> Best regards,
>> Tom Miller,
>> Forest Hill, Maryland
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>> Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361
>>> hi Tom,
>>> from your postings at [time nuts] I've read, that you have found
>>> several locations with 10 MHz signal on the backside of the
>>> REF-1/REF-0 boards. My problem is, my REF-1 has run into fault mode
>>> and  the 10 MHz at the collector of Q208 is missing now. It was there
>>> before the failure occurred. Retracing the PCB connections for the
>>> source of the 10 MHz is not so easy with no active signal. It would be
>>> very helpful if you could provide some more positions where I should
>>> see the 10 MHz as this could help help finding the reason of the failure.
>>> :diag:log:read:all? gives
>>> scpi > Log status: 10  entries
>>> Log 001:20141120.00:02:37:  Log cleared
>>> Log 002:20141120.00:00:00:  Power on
>>> Log 003:20141120.00:00:00:  FAIL: OSC_DEL, error code: 01H
>>> Log 004:20141120.00:00:01:  FAIL: FPGA, error code: 01H
>>> Log 005:20141120.00:00:01:  FAIL: INT_REF, error code: 01H
>>> Log 006:20141120.00:00:01:  Self-test failed
>>> Log 007:20141120.00:00:01:  Failed mode entered
>>> Log 008:20141120.00:00:01:  Antenna fault set
>>> Log 009:20141120.00:00:02:  1PPS output failure set
>>> Log 010:20141120.00:00:02:  Power settings ok, Int: 17 dBm, Ext: 17 dBm
>>> thanks in advance for your efforts and have a good time at
>>> thanksgiving Goetz (Berlin, Germany)
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