[time-nuts] What's best an HP 58503A, Z3805A, or Z3801A

ed briggs edbriggs at outlook.com
Sun Nov 30 18:12:12 EST 2014

Some Furuno GPS in these GPSDOs  (in particular the z3815a) were recently reported to suffer from a roll-over problem which causes the year to be incorrect.  So you might want to check that before purchasing.  It's a pity, the Furuno is a better receiver than the UT+.   You can search the archives of this list for further information.
Also, in the units marked 'z380x upgraded to 58503a', it seems the firmware was updated to 58503a firmware even though
the front panel says z3805. I have one of these units, and it indeed reports it is a 58503A to the command interface.  Whether or not the 58503a firmware is any better than the Z3805a firmware, I have no idea. 
Good luck!

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