[time-nuts] How long do ovens take to cool to ambient, after power is removed?

Dan Kemppainen dan at irtelemetrics.com
Fri Oct 3 08:33:22 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Considering this old stuff was that good, what's the best that's
currently available now? How does that compare to the best that's ever been?


On 10/3/2014 7:19 AM, time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote:
> Tom,
> Nice performance. Wish we could get that today! My fairly modern BVA is nowhere near that stability.
> If you open up a brand new DOCXO you will see a crystal designed in the 70's and an oscillator circuit designed sometime in the 30's  or 40's, maybe updated to a more or less modern transistor..
> Once you have the recipe, there is no need to change it really..
> Bye,
> Said

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