[time-nuts] Measurement of frequency of HP 8720D option 1D5oscillator after switch on

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Oct 4 22:25:47 EDT 2014

I have several SR620 and HP5370 in my lab. My preference has always been the SR620; by size, features, front panel, calibration, programming. But both counters do the job so if you can find either one at a reasonable price go for it. The SR620 is still a current & supported product at SRS.

Over the years I've visited quite a few professional time & frequency labs and always see SR620's in use. Rarely, any HP5370. Not sure what that means.

Again, either one is fine for time nut use. One of these days I should do a detailed performance comparison among a large set of both counters.


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