[time-nuts] Measurement of frequency of HP 8720D option 1D5oscillator after switch on

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> For what ever reason, HP sold the 5370 as a “time instrument” and discouraged
> it’s use as a “frequency instrument”. I have absolutely no idea why. That’s
> certainly the way the local sales guys presented them. They considered me to
> be a bit “nutty” to buy one to measure frequency. There were a lot more places
> interested in checking frequency to a precise level than were interested in
> checking time to the same sort of level. The SR-620 always was actively sold as
> a frequency counter as well as a precise time instrument.

The 5370s were also very expensive, even by HP standards.  That's why it was so interesting to see the 53230As introduced at such a low price point.

53230A (2014 price at keysight.com): US $3,926 
SR620 (2014 price at thinksrs.com): US $4,950
5370B (1996 catalog price): US $25,000

Of course by 1996 they would have been actively encouraging customers to order something newer, and steep prices were often quoted to get the message across.  But the 5370B was $13,000 even in 1991.

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