[time-nuts] WTB: GPS Antenna Splitter

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Wed Oct 8 12:01:55 EDT 2014

John, I found a couple Mini-Circuits ZAPD-2 splitters on Ebay for around $22 
each, including shipping.  There's still more on Ebay right now, connector 
style and pricing varies.
They're passive splitters, but my antennas have 26 and 35 db gain, 
respectively, and the cable run is relatively short (about 15 ft of RG-223 
from each antenna).  There should still be adequate signal available at the 
receivers, even with the passive splitters.

Dave M

John C. Westmoreland, P.E. wrote:
> Dave,
> Can you please let us know what you go with for your splitter choice?
> I noticed companies like EndRun Technologies use ones from these
> folks: http://gpsnetworking.com/GPS-antenna-splitters.asp
> TESSCO might stock those if you ask them.
> Regards,
> John W.

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