[time-nuts] Sun Outage

Andy AI.egrps+tn at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 15:16:42 EDT 2014

Jim Lux wrote:

WHy yes they do: that's what weather radar is. It detects the reflections
> from the rain drops or ice crystals in the storms. ...

But radar is much different than passively receiving known radio signals
that penetrate the atmosphere from above.

Conceivably one could have hundreds of small receivers, scattered around
within the range of one WX radar.  Much less cost than the radar, and no
emissions so no need to license it.  I don't know if it matters but they
measure transmission, not scattering and reflectivity, and they look at the
droplets from below, not the side.  With the proliferation of personal
weather stations, it seems like another source of information that could be
exploited cheaply.


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