[time-nuts] TM500/TM5000/HP-5370 Extender cables and cards

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 12 14:44:23 EDT 2014

I suspect that 90% of the work could be done with a single kit.  That will get one card out of the chassis. But,  there are always those annoying problems where getting two cards out can make life a little easier. With two kits you could also hack up the extra 44-pin board to make a smaller board (or boards) for getting the odd-ball cards out (if you can find the required edge connectors).

So far,  I've only needed to do a single card...

I suspect most TM500 people will want two cables,  but that depends upon what modules you have.  Most modules just have one connector.  Some of the fancier ones use two.  And a very few use three.  I even have a custom module that has 4...   At first,  I didn't think that the TM5000 GPIB extender cable would be all that important,  but I have wound up using it several times.

Hi Mark - do you recommend one 5370 Extender set or two?


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