[time-nuts] Wine cooler as temperature chamber

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Oct 14 09:13:31 EDT 2014

Uhmm?  How does that differ from any heat pump, such as say, a freon
cycle refrigerator?

The biggest problem with Peltier coolers is they have a very low
thermal resistance shunt (all of the thermocouple junctions) between
the hot side and the cool side.  If you turn them off, the hot and
cool side will equilibrate almost instantly.

Not very efficient!

You can, however, make large stacks of Peltier coolers, hot to cool,
and cool them down to liquid air temperatures.  This is done on
very low noise LNA's.

-Chuck Harris

Chris Albertson wrote:
> The worst thing about those small refrigerators is that were NEVER designed
> to cool objects that PRODUCE heat.  A wine bottle does not burn any
> electrical power.   If you place even the smallest heat producing
> electrical device inside the cooler it is going to have to pump out
> whatever heat is being generating just to keep equal temperature with the
> room's ambient temperature.
> So you place some small device that uses 500ma at 12V and you have a 6W
> heater.   It will requires more than 6W of cooling power just to keep even.

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