[time-nuts] Digital Mixing with a BeagleBone Black and D Flip Flop

Simon Marsh subscriptions at burble.com
Wed Oct 15 03:53:43 EDT 2014

Hi Magnus,

What was the outcome ? Did it work, and what were the constraints or 
problems encountered ?



On 15/10/2014 00:52, Magnus Danielson wrote:
> Tom,
> I think I wrote some VHDL code for a project like this... if I should 
> dig it out again?
> Cheers,
> Magnus
> On 10/14/2014 11:19 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> Hi Simon,
>> Some additional info. I first heard about the D-FF method of 
>> frequency comparison in the late 90's (from Rick Hambly, I think) on 
>> the old gps mailing list. It sounded really interesting. Since then, 
>> the subject has turned up every few years on this list. But each 
>> time, the topic seems to go away quietly with little or no data, 
>> plots or explanation. In addition, none of the commercial products 
>> I've taken apart appear to use this approach. Hmm. So that begs the 
>> question -- what's really going on, and why.
>> I'm enjoying this thread because you've shown both technical 
>> competence and optimistic persistence. Perhaps once and for all, with 
>> your efforts, we can settle this matter. You will either find a 
>> working combination with excellent performance, or you will uncover 
>> enough uncontrolled variables that you never want to try it again. 
>> Either way, we all learn a lot. Keep the photos, data, and plots coming.
>> Thanks,
>> /tvb

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