[time-nuts] Price of LTE Lite GPSDO vs Trimble Thunderbolt.

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Hi NS,
considering that they will be priced in quantity at 1/10th to 1/20th of  
what the Thunderbolt costs new I would say very well.
In fact our module supports WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS and QZSS, and up to 65 GPS  
channels which the Thunderbolt does not support at all, so how do you  compare 
that? Also how much warranty does your Thunderbolt have remaining on it?  
Thought so.
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How do you feel your module compares to that old Thunderbolt,  Said?  


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that  is not inflation, that is supply and demand. The Trimble Mini-T   was
priced at $945 on Trimble's standard price list for 1 to 9 pieces,  and the
Thunderbolt was likely twice that much when sold new, so you have  to 
that to the LTE-Lite pricing.

The Thunderbolt units  offered by Tom via TAPR to Time Nuts at that  time
were old rejects  that had done their duty already, were fully paid-off  and
would  have been scrapped and recycled by the Telecom otherwise, and  Tom
invested a huge amount of his time testing them and   packaging/shipping 
them at
no charge, so that pricing was  completely  random and lucky for us to be at
the right time at the  right moment.

In fact the complete used Thunderbolt package now lists  for up to $498 on

No problem on offering these kits  factory-new with warranty at what  we
hope is a fair  price,

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First  three cheers to LTE for making these  available.

It reminds me when  Motorola made a developers kit  for the then
new 68HC11 MCU available for  $68.11.

I know of  one design win they got that more then made of their   marketing

Another that hit me is with inflation the LTE  Lite  is not much more then
what many of us paid for our  Thunderbolts.

For  those new to the list  ...



In   2008, $124, the LTE Lite in 2014 $195.

With 'real' inflation (not  the  11% you get online) the $71 difference is
not much  more.

My two  backup Thunderbolts cost me $145 each, just before  they hit $200
then  became history.

Again thanks to Said and  JLT   !!!!

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