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Sat Oct 18 17:40:46 EDT 2014

Dave, et.al.,
upon popular request I put together a PDF of my email describing how I  
generated a low-phase-noise 10MHz output from the CMOS 20MHz output of the  
LTE-Lite GPSDO. Here it is.
No guarantees whatsoever guys, and it does take good equipment, a very  
steady hand, and a lot of experience to put this together and make it work  
This design can work up to 145MHz according to the 74LVX74 datasheet if  
powered at 3.3V.

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Hi,  Said.

I would be interested in having a copy of your "app-note", if  that is 
possible. I'd like to purchase one of the GPSDOs, but will need to  wait 
for amonth or so.



On  10/18/2014 12:19 PM, S. Jackson via time-nuts wrote:
> Hi  guys,
> lots of questions, let me try to answer  some of these. Bob, David, et. 
> thanks for answering some of these  already!
> Dave, as Bob said "it depends on your  application" -- and your time 
> Also, please check the FAQ for an  answer on the external TCXO 
> specifically item 35. in the  FAQ on the Ebay website for the product.
> Jim, I  ended up doing the "appnote" in email format, and sending out a
>  description, schematics, PN plot, and photos yesterday, please check  
> emails. I won't do a formal appnote, sorry no time.. I hope the  
description of
> what I wired-up yesterday is good enough for folks to  try the same.
> Ernie, as mentioned here the price  is $185 plus shipping on Ebay for the
> entire kit. Shipping is  calculated by Ebay, and should be a flat-rate  
of $10
> in the  continental US
> Hal, MY BAD!! I should have known  better and super-imposed both the
> original 20MHz and 10MHz plots on  the same plot. I will do so shortly. 
On the
> table in the plot: the  TimePod tries to determine spurs, and display 
them  on
> the upper  right hand of the plot in a table, and with the phase noise 
> as  clean as it is I guess the TimePod software could only find two spurs,
>  one at  0.8 and one at 0.9Hz offset from carrier, which was not even  
shown in
> that plot  since it starts at 1Hz.
> Thanks so much for your feedback, lively discussion, and good  questions
> guys.
> I hope that answers all  questions,
> bye,
>  Said

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