[time-nuts] LTE-Lite module

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Mon Oct 20 18:53:22 EDT 2014

>here is the ADEV plot from my overnight test with the DOCXO.  *  *  *
>This was done without any loop adjustment whatsoever, same board and
>software that drives the on-board TCXO. I will let the result speak 
>for  itself,
>save to say the loop, the DAC, the DAC reference, and the GPS with a  proper
>OCXO can achieve performance at a level approaching two orders of
>magnitude better than our spec which is 1ppb for this  particular product.

Thanks for the ADEV plot, Said -- more pertinent for most time nuts 
purposes than PN.  Of course, the typical performance of the LTE-Lite 
with the TCXO is significantly better than the spec (according to the 
user manual, about 5e-11 at 1 second and 1e-10 at 10 seconds, already 
1 to 1.5 OOM better than spec), so the typical improvement with the 
OCXO wouldn't be a full two orders of magnitude.  Still, very 
noteworthy performance that *surely* justifies time nuts in buying 
one of the good, cheap OCXOs flooding the surplus market to go along 
with their LTE-Lite.  Good show.

Best regards,


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