[time-nuts] FE5680A Corrupted EEPROM

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Mon Oct 20 21:46:12 EDT 2014


Unless we are talking about flash rather than EEPROM, an image may not do you much good. 

Firmware normally gets stored in flash. That code is at least similar from unit to unit. 

Calibration data normally gets stored in EEPROM. On a modern Rb there are a lot of things that are “tweaked” by EEPROM settings rather than fiddling pots and jumpers. Each EEPROM is unique to a unit. The settings in one may not be very healthy for another one.

Again, ignore all this if the objective is a flash re-load.


> On Oct 20, 2014, at 6:08 PM, Tom Wimmenhove <tom.wimmenhove at gmail.com> wrote:
> Skip Withrow contacted me and explained that apparently the FE5650 has a
> tendency to get it's internal EEPROM corrupted when sending commands to it
> right after power up. This confirms my suspicion that the EEPROM of my
> FE5680A unit suffered the same fate.
> He offered me to reprogram the unit as he has an ST programmer but I would
> need a donor unit. He would also make the files publicly available.
> Is there anyone out there that would let me or Skip borrow their FE5680A
> unit for a short amount of time to read it out? This would be greatly
> appreciated!
> Regards,
> Tom
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