[time-nuts] TU60-D120-041 power up

Jerry DeHaven sjdehaven at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 15:02:44 EDT 2014

Hello Michael,

Re: setting GPS data formats

As I mentioned previously, my GPS unit works perfectly with the TAC32 
evaluation software.  I can see the NMEA sentences on the screen every 
second.  In addition, the 1 pulse-per-second is working, and so is the 
10 kHz output.  So, I have a working GPS system.  I can proceed from 
there to build up the 10 MHz Oven Stabilized Oscillator and complete the 
GPS Disciplined Oscillator.

I think you pointed out that this GPS unit defaults to the Navman Binary 
mode.  I have tried to use HyperTerminal via a serial port and about all 
I see is @@EA followed by a burst of random characters every second.  I 
tried 4800 and 9600 baud.  I would like to be able to read the NMEA 
sentences (GPGSA, etc) so I can use Day, Date, Time and 3D Fix for other 
purposes.  To do that I think I need to change the format of the GPS 
output data.  (From Navman Binary to ????)

I am still uncertain about how to send commands to my TU60-D120-041 GPS 
unit.  I have spent hours trying to understand serial communication with 
GPS units and I haven't had much luck.  You mentioned that you developed 
some software that would accomplish that.  Any help would be greatly 

Thank you, 73,  Jerry - WA0ACF
sjdehaven <at> gmail.com

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