[time-nuts] Z38xx rack mounts

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Wed Oct 22 16:57:05 EDT 2014

	Something I've done for several projects is to seek help from these
nice folk:


	A custom panel I did so I could rack-mount my Comcrap cable modem
(along with the rest of the network gear) ran about $75 or so.

	What I would suggest doing with the Z38xx series is to simply do a rack
panel with an appropriate size cutout, then place holes for the mounting
screws and just bolt everything together.

	Keep the peace(es).

On 22-Oct-14 13:44, Dave M wrote:
>  I have a couple questions regarding the Z38xx type units.  I have a
> Z3801A,
>  and a couple other modules that don't need a full 19" rack space.
> The Z38xx
>  units are 11" wide (10-9/16" mounting centers) , and obviously are not
>  suitable for a standard 19" rack cabinet.
>  Looking in the Z3801A manual, I see that the rack trays that these
> units are
>  mounted in are 28.5" wide, with a dual mounting shelf so that two GPS
> units
>  can be mounted side-by-side.  Were the racks for these units custom
> built by
>  Motorola and/or Symmetricom?  Where in the civilized world might these
>  cabinets and mounting shelves be found and purchased (preferably
> surplus)?
>  I've searched Google until my eyes are crossed, but nothing shows up.
>  Maybe
>  I'm not using the right search terms?  Don't know.
>  I guess I could destroy an old rack cabinet and fabricate something that
>  would fit the equipment, but I'd prefer to buy one (assuming that it
> doesn't
>  approximate the cost of a new SUV).
>  Cheers,
>  Dave M
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