[time-nuts] Z38xx rack mounts

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Wed Oct 22 17:26:06 EDT 2014

Hi Dave
Many thanks for the MTI260 data, that's very useful and much  appreciated.
As regards the the Z38xx modules, my Z3801As actually measure 10 9/16  
between the front panel edges but obviously still too much to fit two like that  
into a standard 19 inch rack.
I've considered two options on this, one is to keep the existing front  
panel and just cut it down closer to the case itself and the other, prompted by 
 having one arrive several years ago with a bent front anyway, is just to 
remove  the existing front panels entirely and make up another panel to 
accommodate  two units side by side.
The actual cases themselves are 8 inches wide so two should sit side by  
side quite nicely in a 19inch rack.
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dgminala at mediacombb.net writes:

I have a  couple questions regarding the Z38xx type units.  I have a 
and a couple other modules that don't need a full 19" rack space.   The 
units are 11" wide (10-9/16" mounting centers) , and obviously  are not 
suitable for a standard 19" rack cabinet.

Looking in the  Z3801A manual, I see that the rack trays that these units 
mounted in  are 28.5" wide, with a dual mounting shelf so that two GPS 
can be  mounted side-by-side.  Were the racks for these units custom built 
Motorola and/or Symmetricom?  Where in the civilized world might  these 
cabinets and mounting shelves be found and purchased (preferably  surplus)? 
I've searched Google until my eyes are crossed, but nothing  shows up. 
I'm not using the right search terms?  Don't  know.

I guess I could destroy an old rack cabinet and fabricate  something that 
would fit the equipment, but I'd prefer to buy one  (assuming that it 
approximate the cost of a new  SUV).

Dave M  
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