[time-nuts] Some specs for MTI Millren 260 OXCOs

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Wed Oct 22 18:29:38 EDT 2014

Alexander Pummer wrote:
> On 10/22/2014 1:57 PM, Scott Newell wrote:
>> At 03:43 PM 10/22/2014, Dave M wrote:
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>>> I contacted one of the MTI Milliren marketing guys a few days ago,
>>> and got
>>> some specs on the MTI model 260-0624C and 260-0544C OXCOs that are
>>> currently
>> Be careful. I bought a couple of those $15 MTI 260-0544-C from a
>> surplus dealer out in California. They were new, from the warmup
>> performance we agreed that they were SC cut, and it sure looked like
>> a double oven.
>> But...no EFC!
> Hi Scott
> may I get some copy of that datasheet?
> thank you in advance
> Alex

The model 260 datasheet is on MTI's web site at http://www.mti-milliren.com

Dave M

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