[time-nuts] Phase, One edge or two? (was Digital mixing with a D Flip Flop)

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Oct 22 18:45:17 EDT 2014

>>3) Every instant on a sine wave is actually a data point, not just
>>the zero crossing(s). So in reality there is near infinite information
> Sorry, but no.
> If you tell me it is a sine and give me the time of two zero crossings
> I can tell you everything there has or ever will be to know about any
> point on that sine-wave.

What about phase noise measurements? It's the distortion from a mathematically ideal sine wave that allows one to make L(f) plots out to MHz and GHz. TimePod also gives you AM noise plots; you don't get that from just looking at zero crossings.


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