[time-nuts] Some specs for MTI Millren 260 OXCOs

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 23:26:20 EDT 2014

On 10/22/14, 6:28 PM, Dave M wrote:
> Scott Newell wrote:
>> At 03:43 PM 10/22/2014, Dave M wrote:
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>>> I contacted one of the MTI Milliren marketing guys a few days ago,
>>> and got some specs on the MTI model 260-0624C and 260-0544C OXCOs
>>> that are currently
>> Be careful. I bought a couple of those $15 MTI 260-0544-C from a
>> surplus dealer out in California. They were new, from the warmup
>> performance we agreed that they were SC cut, and it sure looked like
>> a double oven.
>> But...no EFC!
> The model 260 OXCOs are definitely double-oven oscillators.
> I suppose that it's possible that some OXCO variations might not have
> the EFC function, but I find that quite unusual, since there is no other
> means to adjust the frequency of the oscillator (notable exceptions
> being the HP 10811 and 10544 models).

I'll just point out that the Ultra Stable Oscillators we fly in space, 
which have very good phase noise and ADEV performance and good aging, 
and operate in a vacuum bottle (in space, which itself is a vacuum 
bottle) have no EFC.

Granted, they start 1000 quartz blanks to get 2-4 good oscillators, and 
they run a couple dozen crystals for a year or so to look at the aging 
and where the frequency is settling down to.

  The MTI 260 model, being a very
> high quality OXCO, surely needs some means to adjust the frequency.
> Is the EFC pin on the units that you have?  If it is present, it's
> possible that the units that you have are defective.
> Dave M
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