[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361/Z3812A GPSDO initial setup

Alex Pummer alex at pcscons.com
Sat Oct 25 22:37:57 EDT 2014

use nickel-iron battery [Edison Accumulator] which is not sensitive to 
deep discharge, over charge and last for min twenty years - 
unfortunately it does not fit into the American business model --because 
it last to long--so it is not produced in the US any more.
On 10/25/2014 5:30 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> Assuming the supplies are rated for a (fairy normal) 32V max, there is plenty of room to get everything arranged right. You *might* need to dig up a supply that is 28V nominal versus 24V nominal. The 10 or 15% adjust range likely will not quite get the 24V unit up where you would want it to be. The (say) 29V supply goes to one of your voting diodes and runs the unit when it’s off battery. The other voting diode goes to the top end of the battery stack. Your charger circuit puts what ever it wants on the battery to keep it happy. Yes, when you go on battery you loose .7 V (or less) due to the diode. If you want to get fancy, put a FET across the diode and eliminate the diode drop once everything gets going.
> The bigger question is - how do you disconnect the battery after it’s done its thing for long enough? Deep discharge of the cells is not good for them either.
> Yes this gets more complex by the minute …. where is that guy who was getting all preachy about keeping things simple :)…..
> Bob

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