[time-nuts] [Little OT now]Re: Cheap Frequency chip with serial output

Giuseppe Marullo giuseppe at marullo.it
Sun Oct 26 17:31:34 EDT 2014

 >Marullo looks like you have a solution. Even a choice of displays.

Paul and others,
thanks but that was not exactly what I was searching for. You did give 
me very good suggestions but my problem is a little more subtle.
I just need the simplest chip incarnation that would provide me with 
frequency out on a serial port.
To cut a long story short, this is what I would like to do:


but for the FT-102. The FT-102 is a radio with analog VFO, almost no 
digital stuff in it, latest and greatest hybrid Yaesu radio with PA 
using 3 x  6146B.

I need to emulate a radio from the Ham Radio Deluxe perspective, so I 
need to know which is the frequency and the band on which the radio is.
Communication will be unidirectional from the radio to the computer, or 
even if I would receive commands from the computer there is no way I 
could change the band and/or frequency of the radio, nor I would (tube 
finals, need retune).

I want to move the knobs on the radio, and the computer should track 
what I do. The computer should never try to command the radio.

This is just for tracking purposes (yeah, LoTW coherence when 
registering contacts).

I was searching a chip because I feel at ease using Lazarus, and I am 
playing with a nice Raspberry PI (PITFT), seems silly to add an Arduino, 
even though Raspberry could see it through USB as serial.

So far:
- cheapest is Cheapduino
- most poweful is Teensy (3.1 version goes up to 60MHz) but I don't know 
how to program it. Prolly it has enough horsepower/pins to capture 
frequency/band selector and emulate everything so no PI needed. Still I 
don't like the idea to develop in C while having Lazarus on a PI for 

Do you know any precooked chip able to go at 8MHz minimum, better up to 
30MHz with 10Hz resolution and simply shove the reading down to a 
ttl/3.3v serial interface?

Please feel free to answer privately, at this point it is not that time 
nuts question anymore, thanks.


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