[time-nuts] 10MHz Rubidium reference source for frequency

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Hi Karen,
the price is much higher because it is a much better oscillator. Much lower 
 phase noise, much better ADEV, less drift, and 1PPS disciplining  input, 
so you just need to connect it to a GPS 1PPS output for a day or so. Even  if 
you don't care about Phase noise now you may in the future.
You sometimes can find one on Ebay for $350 to $700. I have two of them,  
one running on the bench without a heatsink for years (even though they 
should  have a heatsink), they work great.
Yes, that is 10x more than the FEI parts, but you get what you pay  for.
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Thank you for the advice.  
Can I have the  arguments for this decision taking into account that the 
cost of PRS-10 is  much higher than other mentioned rubidium sources . 
Karen,  ra3apw

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