[time-nuts] BBB DDMTD - analysis

Simon Marsh subscriptions at burble.com
Wed Oct 29 16:16:17 EDT 2014

This is the second post related to my attempts to create a BBB DDMTD, 
the first post had a load of graphs showing details of what was 
happening around glitch periods. This post is about interpreting those 

Pretty obvious from only a cursory glance at the graphs are that 
transitions are not continuous and are happening at very specific 
intervals. I would appreciate some help in understanding how this might 
be occuring or how to find out what might be going on as I'm currently 
at a loss.

I've tried a few different combinations of oscillators to try and rule 
them out and this seems to have no impact. It would seem the effect is 
coming from the sampling / BBB bit.

There are 169 clocks/samples between the larger spikes, this corresponds 
to ~16.9ms real time or a ~110ps interval at the DUT. The smaller spike 
is 94 clocks/samples after the larger spikes (=~9.4ms / ~62ps). The dead 
time with no transitions following a smaller spike is 75 clocks/samples 
I'm not aware that there is any relation of these intervals to anything 
else in the setup.

I'd welcome any thoughts on what might be going on here.



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